About us

    亞博vip2—yabo娛樂 covers an area of 14000 metres and has a workforce of 250 skilled workers. Within 10 years time Campertent has developed from a start up company into a leading tent manufacturing company in China.

Specializing in the manufacturing of travel and outdoor products, 亞博vip2—yabo娛樂 designs and builds a rich and colorful range of tents, which can be found hot sold in large brand stores like Cabelas, Dick's Sport Goods, Bass Pro Shops, etc., and are adored by global customers. We focus on quality, cost and customer satisfaction, which is essential for us to survive and grow fast in the ever competitive market.

With the mission to make high quality yet affordable outdoor products for worldwide open-air enthusiasts and to raise the standards of outdoor activity, we are committed to minimizing costs and improving the quality of our products through continual investment in the best technologies and human assets. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008, and met the certification of CT-PAT and fabric inflammability of CPAI-84 requirements.

Our major products include Folding tents, Caravan awnings, Hunting blinds, Flag & banner.